>>> Billy

Billy was alone
Looking for some friends,
A love he could share
And not beg or mend.

Yet Billy was not shy
With girls, just diffident.
He seldom dare to try
Begging for attention.

Each time he had met
Some girl to talk with,
She, dubious, felt abused
And left him so confused.

Don’t talk to me (she said)
I feel revealed by your stare
And keep away from me (she said)
I’m suspecting a snare
Though cage me in your thoughts (she said)
I can’t stand oblivion
But don’t add to my doubts (she said)
With your smile and affliction

He considered the fact
That he could die today.
Oft, he planned the act.
At least he thought he may.

All Billies of the world
Are claiming to you all
They’re not starving for sex
But craving for a word.

— 1998


© 1998 Thibaud Latour