>>> Peaceful, Across an Alien Yard

Take me with you to the dawn
Until the pillow is wet.
And tell me the vision you had
While I was breathing loud
‘Cause I never thought I would be drunk
Beside you in your bed.
Though my hand was trembling in your neck
When I wished you good night.

Take me with you to the stars
Until the blanket is warm.
And tell me the reason you had
While I was laughing loud
To keep by my side across the bar
Until the bottle was drained.
Still your lips were trembling in my ear
When you said “shall we go?”

Take me with you to daylight
Until the bedding’s messed up.
And tell me the wishes you had
When in my dream I said
“Oh! love me, hold me, curb me tight
Before I have to go”.
Will your eyes be weeping at sunrise
When we shall say good bye?

Take me with you in your brain
Until our shadows fade out.
Wish you know how bad I felt
While I was running in the street
Closing my eyes to catch the ghost
Before you disappear.
Will you take me around the world
As a piece of your fate?

— 1 août 1997 (Back from Sarajevo)


© 1997 Thibaud Latour